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Hello dear members, watchers and visitors! :wave:

First of all, I am sorry that I didn't do the Monthly Feature the last months. In February I will make a journal and explain everything, but now I have something important to say.

Our group has over 700 members and we get submissions every day. That's really awesome and I'm happy to see how this group is growing, but as you may have noticed we are only two admins right now and sometimes that's not enough.
Most of the submissions to our goup's gallery need one vote to be accepted or declined, but some of them (submissions to the Featured-folder and submissions by non-members) need two votes. That's the reason why some submissions take longer than other submissions.

Neither I nor our Co-Founder TheFunnySpider are online all the time and we can't vote every day. We try our best and I'm really glad to have a Co-Founder like TheFunnySpider, but I think we could need some more help.

So, we are searching for some new Co-Founders and Contributors who could help us running the group.

It would be great if our new Co-Founder(s) could be online at least every second day but of course we can understand that this isn't possible all the time. But if we have more Co-Founders that wouldn't be a problem.
The most important job for a Co-Founder would be to vote on submissions. That shouldn't be difficult, you would just have to take care that the submissions were submitted to the right folder. Of course they shouldn't be against our or deviantART's rules.
Then it would be great if you could answer the questions of our members and make sure that they follow the rules.

Besides that we could need some Contributors who could help our group to grow. A Contributor should request new deviations, invite new members, request affiliations etc.
Of course a Co-Founder could do that, too. (Actually I would appreciate that.^^)

So, if you think you could do that just send a note to our group and tell us if you want to become a Co-Founder or Contributor and what you could do for our group! We'd love to have you in our team. :)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Wish you all the best,
Hello dear members, watchers and visitors! :wave:

This month the Feature comes a bit late. I'm sorry for that - I have to admit that I just forgot it. But now I managed to make the Feature (which is a bit small and focuses on our first four folder this time; next time I'll focus on the other folders) and I hope you enjoy it! :)

Just a little question: Would you be interested in contests? I would have an idea for a little contest for the beginning. After this contest we could hold some bigger contests, too. So, what do you think about that?

Colony by cdmihai:thumb488551004: Turn Around by smudge-92 sea turtle by zeldatiam Aquarium: jellyfishes by PaginaUnno Aetherbeta by NachtChild Hello Daddy by MaresaSinclair Tout Petit Moineau by fablau Seagull by Martina-WW Memories from Kuala Lumpur by Runfox Duck Tales by HoremWeb The Evening Dove. by Sparkle-Photography Baby kitten by Alaarips Old Boy Jack by Rehblick RABIT by LEVIATAN-666 Tommy by FrancescaDelfino .:Distant Thoughts:. by Shadouge4eva Max 3 by wuestenbrand Like a Sun by Alex-Gibson Last steps of autumn III by Lk-Photography Pink orchids by MaresaSinclair pelargonium... by joansky:thumb489018890: Nightsong by TheDewdropFairy Lunch time by MaresaSinclair Thorins Reich by Martina-WW journey memories X by Lk-Photography Grand Canyon by peterb200295:thumb489317743: weissbachfall 6 by MK-NI When the morning drops show by rainman65 *** by Alexey-Argentum
Hello dear members, watchers and visitors! :wave:  

Welcome to our 4th Monthly Feature! This time I'll feature some of the great artworks in our gallery again. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Yellowmargin by Renatexp Jellyfish12 by SleeplessAlpha Bubbles by Cypselurus Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris) by JuReam Blue by rieke-b Pierce by CommanderPuddinghead If Looks Could Kill by MYPeanutGallery Ordinary Life by Areksim:thumb476515198: Attentive Gaze by blue5dragons Bald eagle by KlaraDrielle Sunbird and flower (original) by kiew1 Horse by MelissaPhotos Honey Bunny by MaresaSinclair Hellooo by KlaraDrielle Lady Cat's Portrait by limelin 73. raven V by littleconfusion:thumb478885373: Golden Details by SiamailyaDeFog ...pure beauty... by joansky:thumb481295814: Tentacles by Alyss6 Mini Jungle by NitramX Happy birthday Tailgun2009 by Martina-WW:thumb465661501: prolific by Pippa-pppx:thumb479800171: Just a Bite... by MamzelleZephyr Krause Glucke  (Sparassis crispa) by LewiARTs Natural Fort 009 by TheMysteryPhotograph Moonrise by KironStrife The Long and Winding Road by KironStrife Hungry Hover by iriscup Siberian Butterflies by Laerian Monster caterpillar by kiew1:thumb471260872: Flower Sharing by EveVictus Male Scorpion Fly looking for food by TheFunnySpider Sunrise on the Vineyard by catilakbluez Rays Of Light by Janine-Autumn The Majestic Himalayas by DebasishPhotos in the clouds by wiktoria894:thumb480216645::thumb480011955: CRESCENT AND GOURDS 2 by Heather-Chrysalis:thumb480244668: Come In And Find Out by andersartigkeit Pelobates syriacus by ohlopkov Window Gecko by Viergacht Baby Alligator by Elfedward Wonderous Reflections by silverlakephotos Spiritual Freedom by Laerian Kelambu beach sunset by JuhaniViitanen sunset on Amrum by albatros1 Raindrops by Rallygrapher:thumb478130222: September Evening At An Archipelago Ferry Harbor   by eskile The Storm by NitramX Battle for the Sun by SiamailyaDeFog Midwestern sky in July (3) by MystMoonstruck for you Michel by BlueIvyViolet Sunset Tuscany 3 by FrancescaDelfino ALAN! by shadddow Grazing by Twonkalaura:thumb447770789: Black Bear by jxsnyder Hot Cat by Kaltenbrunner

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